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what one visitor thinks is his toilet.  Yuk:  beachwood toilet

morning of July 4th  4th  … but reported to Catherine of Ryu office and she responded by saying LAPD has now been dispatched to the scene

CD4 office sent HHA Board the following report on its plans to help keep us SAFE. The vigilance required for SAFETY also depends upon us, so please report any/all incidents as below emails invite and cc:  info@hollywoodland.org

here is one event at Beachwood/Hollyridge IMG_0792

here is another report at Beachwood/Hollyridge:  “two guards currently on duty at the top of Beachwood with eyes wide open. I just left my home and had to maneuver through 30 people milling about in front of my driveway.  How is my public safety being protected when I don’t feel safe backing out of my own driveway ?   Where were the guards ? On their phones under the shade of my neighbors tree.   All while a line of 6 cars had formed blocking my right of way to exit past the cone blockade .   The extra support presence at Beachwood is providing zero positive impact on public safety. We need people that can enforce the laws standing up here and actually engaging the masses – if the city can not provide that to insure public safety then you are left with closing the pedestrian access down.”

BELOW IS WHAT THE CITY offered to do for the weekend.  The offer sounds good – and then you learn about the events such as above.  The only solution is to close down the pedestrian access point which was created outside the rule of law (no permits, no papers, no impact report, no talk with the neighbors):

Hello Neighbors –

Our office has been coordinating with many different departments to ensure additional enforcement and public safety in your neighborhoods, just as we have done over all of the holiday periods since taking office one year ago today.

This July 4th weekend:

  • Council District 4 is hiring a team of uniformed security officersto work traffic control and safety throughout the hotspot areas like: the top of Beachwood, the Deronda entrance, the Mulholland/Ledgewood intersection, and around Lake Hollywood Park.  They will be present on Sat., Sun, and Mon. from 11am to 7pm. We were not able to secure a sufficient number of Cadets and LADOT officers which is why we have hired these additional security officers.  If you need to reach supervisor Eddie Ortiz, Director of Security, please call 818-635-7233.
  • The LAFD will be deploying extra presenceand have extra resources on call this weekend. From the fire stations in mountain districts, brush patrol units in 4 wheel drive vehicles equipped with water pumps are will be patrolling throughout the hills.  Additionally, CERT team members will be mobilized in LAFD pickup trucks for extra presence.
  • Recreation and Parks will have a Park Rangers presencewith a Ranger at Lake Hollywood Park from12pm-8pm on Sat., Sun., Mon., and another patrolling between LH Park and the Beachwood gate.
  • LAPD Senior Lead Officer Manny Sanchez is working with watch commanders assigned over the weekend to ensure visible LAPD patrol presence over the next few days.  The best way to reach Officer Sanchez this weekend is via email 36190@lapd.lacity.org.
  • While many Department of Transportation resources are deployed elsewhere in the City for the many events this holiday weekend, the officers in district are aware of the increased needs and will send enforcement to the area when possible.
  • Please be aware there will be fireworks at the Hollywood Bowl on Sat., Sun. and Mon. nights.  For additional information on public fireworks shows in the Los Angeles area: safejuly4th.org
  • Please report illegal fireworks displays to 1-877-ASK-LAPD
  • Sarah Dusseault and I are your CD4 points of contact this weekend, best reached via email: sarah.dusseault@lacity.org or catherine.landers@lacity.org.

Additionally this summer:

  • Because of the recent increase in overweight tour vans and shuttles to Lake Hollywood Park, we are working to put together another sting operation with the commercial scales.
  • We will be hiring LAPD cadets for some evenings and weekends for the remainder of the summer as public safety monitors for key hot spots in the hills.
  • It’s that time of year again: LAPD has been gearing up for increased late-night “party house” activity during the summer months.  If it’s an emergency please call 911, but for noise complaints and other violations please call the non-emergency line 1-877-ASK-LAPD.  It is important to make the call – even if LAPD isn’t able to respond right away – so there is a record of a call for service for locations that continue to cause problems.

Some important numbers:

  • Emergencies: 911
  • Park Rangers hotline: 323-644-6661
  • LAPD Non-emergency line:   1-877-ASK-LAPD
  • LADOT Parking enforcement: 818-374-4823