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June 2017 Newsletter

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2017.06 Newsletter pdf

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HHA invites you to a Sunset Ranch Ride & BBQ

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ACTION REQUIRED! CD 4 Griffith Park & Hollywood Sign Traffic Survey

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Councilmember Ryu is undertaking a $100k traffic and safety study of Griffith Park and the Hollywood Sign. His office has sent this survey to all the neighborhoods bordering the park.

This survey is only a few questions — it should take less than five minutes of your time.

We are asking our members to please complete this survey and return it to the Councilman. As the residents of historic Hollywoodland, it is we who are most impacted on a daily basis by visitors to the Sign. Our narrow streets and our properties bear the brunt of poorly conceived and terribly mismanaged planning to date.

The HHA is committed to working with the Councilmember and all surrounding neighborhoods to create a safe, legal, and equitable plan for Griffith Park and the Sign.

Thank you for your help in protecting our neighborhood!


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easter egg hunt-hollywodland-print

April HHA Meeting: Agenda

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HHA agenda April 2017

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Dear Hillside Federation Friends,

The Hillside Federation took a position to ban the use of rodenticides (rat poison) in the City of Los Angeles in February, 2014. Assemblymember Richard Bloom’s bill, AB 1687, would ban rodenticides in the state. Please call or email Assemblymember Quirk and your own assemblymember and urge their support of AB 1687. See details below.
Thank you as always for your support.
Best regards,
Marian Dodge, Chairman
Federation of Hillside and Canyon Associations, Inc.

From Poison Free Malibu:
We are working with our northern California ally, Raptors are the Solution, on new California legislation to restrict the rat poisons that are killing our wildlife.

Bottom line: We need people to make a call to Assemblymember Bill Quirk, (916) 319-3965, as soon as possible. Assemblymember Quirk is the Chair of the “ESTM” committee that first considers our bill, and it is not getting high enough priority with limited time left. 
The message is simple – Please do something about the poisoning of our wildlife by rat poison. For the purposes of this phone call, all that is needed is to express your concern and to request that Assemblymember Richard Bloom’s bill, AB 1687, be supported.
Thank you,
Poison Free Malibu
Facebook: Poison Free Malibu

Obituary: Gordon Murley

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Dear Hillside Federation Friends,

It is with a sad heart that I announce the passing of Hillside Federation Chair Emeritus Gordon Murley. Gordon was active in the Hillside Federation for many years. He was a staunch defender of our hillsides in the Santa Monica Mountains and a long-time activist especially in the Woodland Hills area.
A memorial service for Gordon will be held
Saturday, April 1
11:00 am
American Legion Hall #826
5320 Fallbrook Ave. Woodland Hills
Please also notify the long-time members who may no longer be on your board so that they can say good-bye.
Best regards,
Marian Dodge, Chairman
Federation of Hillside and Canyon Associations, Inc.

Obituary: Ted Roland Leutzinger (remarks by Michael Morrow)

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These remarks from Michael Morrow are adapted from a 12/31/16-1/3/17 L.A. Times obituary and a 5-minute memorial spoken at Wilshire Presbyterian Church on 1/14/17:

Born on 8/30/21 in Lancing, MI, Mr. Leutzinger passed away of heart failure on 12/20/16. His Savior said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called (Matthew 5:9) ‘children of God.’” Ted advocated much for peace within 95 years.

I’m 71, but I first met Ted in my 20s. I knew him as a good neighbor. He was like who Dr. Luke’s book (10:25-37) described the good Samaritan, one who went out of his way with time and resources and went out of his way to help another in need. As a good neighbor, Ted showed love, kindness, patience, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. Ted endeavored earnestly to insure that things were clean and worked right. He invested care of his hillside home and the surrounding area. The Leutzingers built their home on a choice, Deronda Drive, ridge lot. They valued the view and purchased property across the street to preserve open-space which allowed them and others including Hollywood Sign tourists to see and enjoy a view to The Pacific Ocean with two islands on clear days.

Ted’s bachelor’s degree was from Michigan State U., mine from UCLA where he earned his master’s. We discussed UCLA changes such as an inscription over a Royce Hall entrance, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” That famous quote, from (John 8:32) Scripture, years later was replaced probably by those who thought our Constitutional First Amendment instead guaranteed “freedom from religion.” The context of that quoted verse actually did refer to the One who walked on (Matthew 14:25-6) water, said He was the (John 14:6) way, truth, and life, and did (John 10:38) much to prove His (John 8:58) authority.

Locally, Ted was active with the Great Books Foundation, Adult Educators of L.A., and at my urging after he joined The Hollywoodland Homeowners’ Association, he served on The Board of Directors ultimately as vice president. He didn’t enjoy every committee meeting, but his comments and dry wit often brought peaceful closure if not joyful consensus. He exhibited the (Galatians 5:22-23) Fruit of the Spirit.

He showed that love especially to his second bride, Miss Carolyn Crigler with whom was married 55 years. Together, they traveled to 120 countries to encourage global peace and personal friendship. He left behind one sister, one of two sons, three grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, and many Leutzinger relatives who emanated from Switzerland.

Ted and I were both Army veterans, he of WWII. However, locally and globally he worked for peace through The World Federalist Association (WFA), The United Nations Association, Model U.N. Program, The Campaign for U.N. Reform, Citizens for Global Solutions, The International Criminal Court Alliance, and The Presbyterian Church Peacemaker’s. He advocated that World peace was possible through international federation with establishment of enforceable, World law.

Ted was employed 42 years with The Travelers Insurance Company for which he managed a large room full of attorneys at their Wilshire office. A mentor of mine, Ted arranged for me to interview at their Hartford, CT office for a specialized position. He also sponsored me for the position of WFA Executive Director, Southern California Region. We encouraged the development of several branch chapters and hosted an honorary dinner, attended by many celebrities, for international peace advocate,
Dr. Norman Cousins.

Although I hadn’t seen Ted ride, we shared a common love for bicycling. We also shared a common love for hiking, and I’m told that Ted & Carolyn were Sierra Club, Mountain- Peek Baggers. Locally, I walked some with Carolyn and encouraged Ted to walk some, especially in his later years. However, with age Ted walked less, more slowly, and less frequently, even though Carolyn daily did her best to get him up, out of his easy chair, and down their front steps to walk a block. Finally, when Ted couldn’t stand, Carolyn had to employ hospital and convalescent-home help. Then Ted even had a tough time comprehending why he couldn’t be home and occasionally was downright grumpy about not being there with Carolyn. That’s probably why it’s important to keep our eyes on the (Hebrews 13:5-6) One who has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Reminiscing, that for many years as I’d drive home late at night from LAUSD work, I’d always look up to their 2nd story bedroom window, see Ted sitting and reading in his easy chair, wave, sometimes tap my horn to get his attention if he didn’t look back, then and expect a returned wave from him as I passed by in my car. Now I can still offer a wave offering but instead to the One who has given us Ted to have enjoyed for a Global moment. I’m left with hope as I remember an inspired promise written by Saint John (1:12) about Jesus, The Word of God, “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name.” Ultimately, we all have an inheritance from God to take or leave, and we have memories of Theodore whose name means “lover of God.” I too want to be known as a lover of God. When my retirement is over, I hope to see Ted again in a permanent, Heavenly (John 14:1-3) home with even a better view and have time to muse over what we really accomplished for the (Isaiah 9:6) Prince of Peace.

Ted received many honors for his service in many groups, but in lieu of flowers, the family asked that any contributions be made to either Wilshire Presbyterian Church
(213-387-5387) or Citizens for Global Solutions (

Newsletter: March 2017

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2017.03 PDF

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Or click here: Newsletter: March 2017

Agenda HHA March 14, Board meeting, 7:30 PM, email for location

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Hollywoodland Homeowners Association March 14, 2017 Monthly meeting

For location please email

Old Business

  1. ApprovalJanuaryandFebruaryminutes
  2. Approvaltreasurersreport
  3. Update,Februaryactionitems
  4. FAA DOPE on Rope
  5. Welcomepack
  6. Evacuationplan
  7. Operatingmanual
  8. Infopacketsnewboardmembers
  9. CityHallTraffic/touristissues

10.Public works projects/Ryu
11. RAP circulation appeal
12.Ranch lawsuit
13.Proposal for gating
14.6068 Mulholland appeal
15.East gate roof repair
Committee Reports
16.President’s message
17.Safety , cameras, crime report
18.Special Events, 75 years HOA, 25 years specific plan?
19.Zoning Public Works
20.Beautification,sprinklers, motion
21.Trademark/merchandise, Chamber violation
22.History archiving
23. HUNC
24.Hillside Federation
25.GP Advisory /Friends GP
26.City Hall actions/issues
27. Membership
28.Party houses, 6384 Rodgerton, 2820 Westshire, 3051 Hollyridge, 2950

Durand, ???? Ledgewood

29. Other?

New Business

30.Social media person
31.Restrictions for skateboarding
32.Obituaries and babies, illnesses, celebrations 33. Other