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Update from the Hillside Federation

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Dear Hillside Federation Friends,

At the Federation’s March meeting there was a presentation on the proposed removal of 34 protected trees. The Federation supported Bel Air Assn. in rejecting the MND as inadequate and denying the permit to remove the trees.
The hearing originally scheduled for March 10 has been changed:
Friday, March 24
10:00 am
Board of Public Works
Rm 350
City Hall
Best regards,
Marian Dodge, Chairman
Federation of Hillside and Canyon Associations, Inc.

Reading: Alison Turner & Lou Mathews

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From our friends and neighbors, Alison Turner & Lou Mathews:

An early heads up. Thanks to Suzanne Lummis, Alison and I will be reading at Beyond Baroque on Saturday, March 18th, 8 p.m., the day after St. Patrick’s.

This is a rare sighting. Alison reads about every three years. This also marks the debut of Alison’s new chapbook, What To Do In An Emergency.

The Beyond Baroque Calendar description is below. Hope to see you there.

Married to the Word: ALISON TURNER & LOU MATHEWS

Suzanne Lummis, Beyond Baroque’s George Drury Smith Poetry Prize recipient, inaugurates a new reading series Married to the Word, L.A. Literary Couples. Suzanne introduces the literary couple, poet Alison Turner whose work has appeared in Black Clock, Nimrod, Mid-American Review, The Hudson Review, Poetry East, Santa Monica Review, San Pedro River Review, Fault Line, and Jacaranda, and Lou Mathews, renowned Los Angeles fiction writer and one of the preeminent teachers in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, whose first novel, L.A. Breakdown was an L.A. Times Best Book. His work has appeared in Black Clock, Tin House and over 40 other journals.

Saturday, 18 March 8:00 PM

Beyond Baroque
681 Venice Blvd.
Venice CA

2017 Board Nominees

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2017 HHA Board Nominees

2017 Membership

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2017 Membership Letter & Dues Appeal

Meeting with CD4: December 26, 2016

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Members of the HHA Board, along with other members of the HHA, met with Councilman Ryu and his staff to discuss neighborhood issues including PPDS, tourism, and traffic problems in our neighborhood.

The minutes from that meeting are available here: HHA 12-20 CD4 Mtg 12-26-2016pdf

2017 Design Review Board Schedule

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HHA Board meeting Agenda 12/13/2016

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HHA December 13, 2016 Monthly Board of Director’s Meeting Location: Beachwood Drive
Call to order

Introduction of guests

Old Business:
1. Approval November minutes
2. Approval November treasurer’s report

Old Business

Items without resolve/progress since November:Crime report Sanchez Servicemark violation, Chamber/Dick VanDyke
Welcome packetTrademark use proposal
Village Green electric

Village Green user manual Wildlife preserve
Policy statement/standing rules Dope on the Rope

Specific Plan 25 years Committee Reports:
1. Presidentʼs message

2. Safety, evaluation plan, Village cameras

3. Communications

4. Special Events Jan. 22 Splendid Savage, meet the author ,Holiday party, arts/craft faire, food drive OM*

5. Zoning public works, submission to CD4 for money request to remove dirt on Durand and Westshire, no response from CD4 , 6068 Mulholland

6. Beautification, holiday decorating OM*, Village sewer update stariway proposal 7. Trademark/merchandising sold $40 items
8. History, archiving,

December Newsletter

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2016.12 Newsletter

meeting update, rescheduled for November 15, 2016, same agenda

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November 9, 2016 HHA Board meeting agenda

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Agenda, November 9, 2016
Location: Beachwood Drive
Call to Order
Introduction of guests:
Old Business:
Approval September Minutes
Approval September Treasurer’s Report
Old business
Crime report, LAPD
Hollywoodland servicemark violation, You Tube sponsored by Chamber with Dick Van Dyke
18 wheel semi- trucks, update
Welcome packet assembling, distribution,
Trademark recommendations
User manual Village Green
Village Green electrical,
Village cameras update
6068 Mulholland HWY permit update/meeting
Meeting August 15, follow up
Wildlife preserve?
Restoration proposal historic stairs,
Policy, standing rule motion/discussion
Jeanne asked if Griffith Park receives federal grant money loopholes that can force closure?
Dope on a Rope
Dash Bus update
17. RAP Circulation Plan appeal
18. Ranch website
19. Celebrate 25 years Specific Plan , 2017
Committee Reports:
President’s message/report
Safety, Evacuation plan
Special Events
Zoning, Public Works
Nominating committee
Federation of Hillsides Canyons
City Hall actions/issues
New Business

Holiday decor?Food Drive?
Holiday Craft Fair, Yvonne, Dec. 11
Village sewer collapse
Dot, PPD in Los Feliz by Greek