The Hollywoodland Homeowner’s Association

The HOLLYWOODLAND community,

founded in 1923 in Beachwood Canyon,

is nestled below Mount Lee and the iconic Hollywood sign.

We are 94 years old!

The Hollywoodland Homeowners Association (HHA) is the official homeowner’s association for Hollywoodland. Organized in 1942, HHA is a volunteer group representing single family residential property owners.

We aim to preserve, protect, beautify, and enhance this legendary neighborhood and its surrounding environment.Our main purpose is to encourage safety and fire prevention in our substandard infrastructure. We have a vulnerable eco-geography, with three-sides juxtaposed to the sensitive 444 acres of the Hollywoodland Gifted Park portion of Griffith Park.

If you are a resident homeowner, we encourage you to join The HHA!  We discuss, exchange, inform, and listen to find a “voice” which is strong, clear, and dedicated to our sacred community.  A united voice can most effectively speak to “The City” and to developers.  All residents within Hollywoodland can also join the Hollywoodland Residents Facebook group

For more information:

email with questions or comments.