The HOLLYWOODLAND community, founded in 1923 in Beachwood Canyon, is nestled below Mount Lee and the iconic Hollywood sign.   We are 93 years old!  The Hollywoodland Homeowners Association (The HHA) is the official homeowner’s association for Hollywoodland.  The HHA was organized in 1942 as a volunteer group representing single family residential property owners.  The purposes include encouraging safety and fire prevention in the midst of our substandard infrastructure, within our vulnerable geography, and on our three-sided juxtaposition to the eco-sensitive 444 acres of the Hollywoodland Gifted Park portion of Griffith Park.  We aim to serve community by preserving, protecting, beautifying, and enhancing this legendary neighborhood and its surrounding environment.

Please join us! When we respectfully discuss, exchange, inform, and listen, we can find a “voice” which is strong, clear, unified, and dedicated to preserve our sacred community.  A united voice can most effectively speak to “The City” and developers. If you are a resident homeowner, we encourage you to become a member of The HHA!   In addition, all residents within Hollywoodland can participate in our Facebook group–wherein we also seek to advance intelligent and civil discussion of matters that concern us.

The HHA holds the trademark on the name “Hollywoodland.”

In 1987 The HHA Board and membership developed the Hollywoodland Specific Plan (#168, 141)
to protect Hollywoodland from excessive and inappropriately scaled developed houses while fostering the neighborhood’s
historic character, fabric, and relationship to the park and environs.  The Hollywoodland Specific Plan addresses
fences, walls, room additions, and new house construction.    If you plan to make changes to your property,
contact the LA City Planning Department, Nuri Cho, LAPCP, nuri.cho@lacity.org 213/978-1177.
The all volunteer Design Review Board (DRB) meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 6PM
in the R.E. Office at N. Beachwood if and when there are any projects pending for review.
The details of the Specific Plan are linked here.

email info@hollywoodland.org with questions or comments.

ATTENTION:  Real estate agents, brokers,sellers and buyers of real estate in Hollywoodland, you need to disclose and adhere to regulations of the Hollywoodland Specific Plan and the historic designation of the granite walls and stairs ( #535).